Hi all,

I have an application object that pushes out several files into a
REDIRECTED folder for %AppData%. The redirection is done through an ADM
file (Registry entry) and pointing to a Netware 6.5 server. The
application is associated to the user and checked to force run.

I put ONE workstation in a department and every user is configured as
DLU and uses roaming profiles. When the FIRST user logs into the
machine, everything is pushed out to the user's redirected %AppData% but
nothing happens for all the following users ... why does this happen ?

Do I need to use "Track Distribution Per User" (is a redirected folder
not part of the roaming profile) ?

The documentation isn't very clear on this :

If you have implemented roaming user profiles, use this option to ensure
that application files are distributed to each workstation a user logs
in to. You should enable this option for all application files that are
not saved as part of roaming user profiles.

Many thanks for your help !