Hey All,
I have a very strange problem on my hands and would like to know if there
is any way to turn on client side debugging for ZFD 6.5.

I have created an application object, associated to workstations, and set
to force run. It runs correctly on about 70% of systems, and the rest it
will cache to but not run on. All workstations are XP SP2. It happens
when the clients have ZFD 6.5 or 6.5 SP2 loaded.

One thing I have found, is that in the C:\NALCACHE\My App Object Name
there is a file called DSATTR.BIN. That file size is different on some
workstations, some are 38KB and some are 100KB. Does anybody know that
this file is for? I only have one app object, so I don't know why it
would change. I'm going to try deleting the cached copy on some
workstatios to see if that works.

I've checked my clients logfiles and Zen reporting, but I can't find any
useful evidence on why my app is caching on some systems but not running,
and would love to hear it if someone knows how to turn on debugging...