Zen app associated to the root of our eDir to all users.

It runs under the user context. It runs in the system tray.

When they click on the icon in the tray, it verifys an .EXE is up to date
and then launches it.

The problem we are having is that Zen corrupts the .EXE.

The directory the .EXE is in has EVERYONE and SYSTEM with FULL Control.

The EXE will corrupt the ACL's so that they still say they are inherated
from the parent - but will show USERS with READ/EXECUTE and SYSTEM with ALL
and local administrators with ALL. Advanced shows no explicit rights,
just inhereted from the parent directory.

If I delete the .EXE, zen copies it and it inherets correctly. But later
on the .EXE gets corrupt again.

Also, if I use track distro per user and distro always, launch the zen icon
- everything is fine. Then do a verify w/pgm running and Zen reboots the
station, then the .exe not only has the corruption above, but gets the bits
changed so it is turned into a DOS executable - and it launches in a DOS
box and fails.

Any TID's on this one?