Hi All,

Zen 6.5 SP2, Windows XP SP2

I have created an application object (workstation associated) and set it
to Force Run. It distributed perfectly to about 50% of my clients, and
the rest it either did not cache to or did not run once cached (some of

I'm trying to figure out where the problem is, and I've narrowed it down
to something between the Zen agent and the server. If I run the
application locally on the workstation via the app launcher, it runs ok.

ALL of the workstations are XP SP2.

Here is what I've tried so far:
1. Simple reboot of workstations
2. Make sure workstations are upgraded to Zen 6.5 SP2
3. Make sure workstations are ugpraded to Netware Client 4.91
4. Delete package from C:\Nalcache and allow it to recache.

None of the above worked, your comments would be appreciated.

I tried using NALDIAG.EXE per TID 10093312, but wasn't to glean any
HELPFUL info from it.