I an upgrading an existing application using zenworks 6.5sp2. The problem
is, the icon for the application changes between the versions but the
shortcut that is on the current user's desktop doesn't change even though it
is pointing to the new exe. The icon in the programs group changes and if
you explore to the new exe it appears correctly. I would like to run a DOS
script but I don't know the varible for the current user as in C:\documents
and settings\%<some varible>%\desktop. Any guru's out there that can shed
some light?
Side note: if you click on the properties of the .lnk, and go to change
icon, the icon appears as the correct icon without have to change anything.
If you just click OK it will the finally refresh to display correctly.
Manually refreshing the desktop does not do the trick. Nor does rebooting
the machine.