Hi all,

Using ZfD 6.5 (agent version:, Launcher: 6.5.20), were in the process of implementing Rogue Process Management, on a few thousand workstations.
Doing this, we have an "exception list" being distributed by a "force run" NAL object, and this part works like a charm.

BUT - on quite a few of the workstations, we have locally attached HP printers which all use a load of software/drivers to do their stuff. And the problem is, that we have run into some exe-files, which we are not able to create exceptions for, and therefore these files/applications are termitated some 25 times pr. hour - needless to say, a slight annoyance for the users affected.

One of the exe-files in question here, is a file called "hpbpro.exe". Now - we are aware of the fact, that it's actual the "Internal name" that is verified, and since the "Internal name" is "PortResolver" we have offcourse added this to the list. Also - we have added the "Original file name" - which is "PortResolver.exe" to the list, and naturally also the actual filename have been added to the list. But none of this works, are are driving us to the edge!

This is just one example - but we also have files which are blank in "Internal name" and "Original file name" - how do we handle those, when the applications are terminated using the actual filename on the exception list? Anyone know of a utility/editor one could use, to change "Internal name" in the exe files header?

Any help highly appreciated!

Henrik Holm Nielsen

PS. A short - but matching - description of "HPBPRO.EXE", can be found here -> http://www.fileproperties.com/h/hpbpro.exe.htm