Bit of background info first. Running Zenworks 6.5 servers with SP1.
Novell clients 4.91 on desktops with Zfdagent 6.5. We are imaging
machines using zenworks and all has been going well until recently. As
part of the process we image to the machine a whole heap of nalcache
directories which are our base applications. These then deploy as soon as
the netware client and zfdagent is installed on the machine. The contents
of the nalcache also stays there permanently so when a new profile is
created (we are using DLU's) the applications redeploy once for that

The problem however is that now we have upgraded the servers to SP2 which
is fine with the old zfdagent 6.5 from SP1 but if we install the zfdagent
from the SP2 package then whenever a DLU profile is created the nalcache
contents is removed or cleared?! So at first the programs install as
administrator which is normal but upon restart and logging in with a new
profile the apps won't redeploy as they no longer exist in nalcache. Is
this meant to happen or possibly a config problem or a bug?!

Any help would be appreciated. Thankyou
Brett Montgomery