We have integrated Citrix in our Netware environment.
Now we want to start TS-Applications from NAL - NAL runs
on client.

We have user located in different edir contexts. The user
gets an error message, that the login credentials are
not correct, he gets the login mask with a blank
password field and the context is wrong.

Is there a solution to passthrough the context of the
user to Terminal Server?

Our configuration:
Server: NW6.5/SP4, ZfD6.5/SP2
TS-Server: 2k3/SP1, Citrix Metaframe 3, NW-Client 4.91/SP2, ZfD6.5/SP2-Agent
Client: WinXP-Pro/SP2, NW-Client 4.91/SP2, ZfD6.5/SP2-Agent

Any ideas?