I am trying to export NAL application objects to AXT files. Edit the axt
to point mappings to a different server and the re-import the AXT into a
new container as a new application object. I have been trying to use
appcreat and AOTxport, however it keeps giving me the following error.

Converting AXT -> AOT
Input file: fur.axt
Output file: fur.aot
AXT Error -1:-7 on line 18
Bad text: [Not a Disconnectable Application]
Unable to convert file 0:-7

Then when I try to create the new app object using appcreate.exe a few
options are not set correctly in the new application object. Namely the
Disconnectable option is turned on and it should be off. Also the icon
file is not associated to the new application object.

If I use Console one to import the AXT file to create a new app object
there is no problems whatsoever. Is the utility I am using not meant for
Zen 6.5? Is there a different way I should be looking at doing the
import / export?

Thank you for your time and consideration,

William Sixsmith