I'm running Zen 6.5 SP1b and I've setup an application object in
ConsoleOne to install Microsoft Office 2003 SP1 and I've assigned it to a
user. It is working fine.

Now I downloaded SP2 for Microsoft Office. I've applied the .MSP (patch)
file to the administrative install location by running MSIEXEC with all
the options. When I login as that user I get a MSI error 1638.

If I login to a system that doesn't have Microsoft Office installed yet,
it's installing just fine. The problem only seems to happen on a system
that has SP1 already installed and it's trying to do the upgrade to SP2.

I've tried setting up a new application with Microsoft Office SP2 and
nothing happens when I login to a workstation that has SP1 already
installed. Application Explorer runs but nothing happens.

I noticed in the application properties that there's a Patches tab. I
didn't use that tab so I'm not sure if that's the proper way to do
service packs to an application that's been deployed already.

How can I fix my current problem where the clients already have SP1 but
they need to upgrade to SP2??