We have an application that loads to c:\program files\mwsnap... The
application also makes changes to CU | software | MWSnap | Options |
language.... The application pushed to the local machine fine and the
logged in person go into the application without it asked for the language
because we are pushing CU\software\mwsnap\options\language english.ini...

The next person to go into the application on that workstation, the
application does not push that registry key again and out users get asked
ENGLISH.INI GERMAN.INI .... We would like to remove this from the

The app is not very robust in the ability to configure the install. It
doesn't appear to have an setup.ini or anything that we can configure for
english language. The only thing we could get to work was to push the
language settings to the current user. The problem is one machine is
shared by many and the other folks do not receive that registry key
because we don't have roaming profiles in place.

This is a freebee app, but it does the job we need. The only other idea
we had was to push the install and associate to a workstation and have
another custom install and push to all users on the workstation. P.S...We
also have laptops that disconnect from our network and go in the field,
but Zen is loaded.

Does anyone have any ideas. Thanks in advance.