We are trying to push out installs of applications to Windows XP
workstations using ZEN 6.5 SP2. The users on the desktops do not have
administrator rights locally. When the applications are installed, we are
getting messages back that the users need to have local administrator
rights to install the apps. We don't want to have to give the users
administrator rights to do this. Is there a way to associated the install
app to the user and when it runs allow it to have administrator rights to
the workstation to install. One of the apps is MS Office 2003. A zen app
has been created to install Office 2003 using the MSI. (Word, Excel apps
have been created to run each app but have dependancies on the install app
to be run first). The workstations are freshly imaged Windows XP so there
is no other office product to remove or cause conflicts. Office will not
install unless the user has local administrator rights.

Thanks for any suggestions.