I know..
RTFM, However, I am struggling to figure out what I need to do to start
It feels like there are a gazillion scenarios mixed in the manual.
I can't figure out what I need.
Say for instance I want to make pkzip (pk250w.exe) and distribute it
(install) via ZEN on my LAN workstations.
They all have Novell client 491 and ZFD client.
Do I need to use admin studio? Or can this be done simply? I need to
start somewhere and I can't figure out where to start.
A hint on where to look might help. Is there any workshop type material
anywhere that has some cookbook how-tos to start?
Then I need to deploy Office 2003 in two languages.......

(Do I sound a little frustrated? Sorry 'bout that. I've been banging my
head on this deployment for two months now. On the upside, I have gotten
a mountian of stuff to work. DDNS, WSimport, PXE, Imaging, and Image