The best practices documents say that I should run Administudio remotely
from a 'clean machine' to get the best distribution package made.
I have installed Adminstudio on a computer and shared the 'C:\program
files\installshield' directory. I removed users from the permissions and
added administrators with full rights. When I launch remotely I receive
the error "The application fail to start because
isuiconflictservices.dll could not be found" The dll exists in the
c:\program files\installshield\adminstudio\6.0\conflictsolver directory.

The same thing happens if I map a drive to the share.

Do I need to map additional drives to the subfolders or is there an INI
file that needs to be changed or should I just bring all the dlls into
the same folder as the adminstudio app? (Or do something intelligent
that i am unaware of?)