I am snappshotting a very simple pkzip installation.
On a clean machine, during the second scan, I receive file copy errors.
In a previous post, I found a situation that a hardware drive install
failed similarly. The response was to ignore it since what was being
copied wasn't important.
In my case, if I ignore it, the same error comes up on many of the files
going into 8.fil.

The error is :
File Copy Error! Source file = c:\Program Files\pkzip\order.txt.
Destination file = \\server\sys\public\snapshot\pkzip\8.fil Press
ignore to skip etc..

The other files that would not copy are things like:
..... well you get the idea. These are important files.

I am logged into novell with admin rights. There should be no problems
creating the folders, files etc. In fact the folders and files are

Any idea what may be happening?