All servers running NetWare 6.5 sp3. ZENWorks version 6.5 being used. We
have recently turned on software metering for several applications.
However I do not believe the metering is working correctly (unless I am
misunderstanding the documentation). The reports also do not appear to be
working correctly. I was under the impression that a user consumed a
license while they were using the application and released the license
when that person stopped using the app. Our software metering is working
on a "per-installation" basis. For example: I setup a license for 50
users. The application has been isntalled on 50 computers. No one is
using the application. However, no one else can install the application
and users that have previously installed the application are receiving
licensing errors when they try to launch the application. Any help is
greatly appreciated.

Josh Grimm
ATSU Network Technician