I have the Certificate created and at one point the licensing services
were working.

However, Now when I go to run an app that a license was created for I get
the following errors.

Could not Configure Workstation for the application[]
Problem: Novell licensing services are not installed in this workstation
for [] (D022)

That is the first error message I get when I try to run the application.
I looked into this error message and one fix I found that seemed to apply
was that I needed to copy the NLSapi.dll and the NLS32.dll to the
windows\system32 directory. That did not fix the problem for me.

When I try to run the app a second time I get the following error:

Could not configure workstation for application []
Problem : There are no available licenses for [] (D022)
I verified the Console One and through NWAdmin that there are 0 licenses
in use and 1 license available to be used.

If I remove the association of the license to the application object then
the application runs fine. I have rights to all the folders. Even when I
try running the app as admin I run into the same problems.

The Versions of the NLS Modules one the server are as follows

NLSRUP 4.01.07

Thank you,

William Sixsmith