Hi all,

Don't know if it's the right place, but I have the following problem:

We use ZFD 6.5 SP2 to manage the accounts on the WinXP SP2 workstations
and implemented roaming profiles. Many of our users need to import
certificates from banking sites to achieve their work. Whenever they
leave their PC used to import the certificates and log on to another PC,
they never can connect to their banking sites. The certificate is
correctly displayed in Internet Explorer, but they can't connect to the
remote site. When the user returns to their "Home" PC (the one used to
import the certificate), everything runs well.

I've tried to deactivate the volatile user feature, but the issue still
persists. Any idea on how to resolve this issue ?

We also use Client32 4.91 SP1

Any help is greatly appreciated as it causes lots of trouble to our users.


Romain Petges