I am using ZENworks 6.5 to push down a group policy in my Windows XP
lab. Student accounts are created using the ZENworks Dynamic Local User
feature and are a member of the Power Users group. I have also hidden
the Control Panel so they cannot get to them.

I have discovered on my systems that that when you attempt to eject a
flash drive we get an error

" This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on
this computer. Please contact your system administrator."

I found in my Group Policy under the following location:
Computer Configuration
Windows Settings
Security Settings
Local Policies
Security Options
Devices: Allowed to format and eject removable media

Originally, it was set as Administrators. I have since changed this to
Administrators and Power Users.

I also set "Load and unload device drivers" under Local Policies, User
Rights Assignments to Administrators and Everyone but still have no luck.

I still get this error regardless. Anyone know how to get around this?