I created an AXO AXT snapshot of a program install (Mapics XA
Browser). In the object, I told it to run as a secure system user.
When I try to install on the PC, I get the error:
"Unable to configure workstation for application [XAonXP.ws.<ou>]
(ID=2) Problem: Unable to copy file
[\\server\sys\public\snapshot\XAonXP\1058.fil]. (D018)"

I went through TID 10021491 and can't seem to resolve it.

1 -Target WS is XP SP1. One cause is "WS permissions in Win2K". I am
using XP. Does this matter?
If it does (I assumed it did matter) There is no WINNT directory.
The Windows\temp directory exists. I presume this is the dir that needs
to be "world writable". I set the permissions for users to write, all
other permissions were already set to write (at least) (Other users =
CREATOR OWNER; Administrators, Power users and SYSTEM) I have no idea
about any security object called "world". What do I do here?

2 - It appears that the Install did not create the %Target Directory%
of C:\Program Files\MXACSR6 which is specified in the AXT file. Does
this directory need to be specified in the App Object in edir somehow?
(and) Are there some special permissions that need to be set up on the
local PC for c:\Program Files? or did the install just not get that far?

Anything ideas on what I am missing?