I have a lot of tools to deploy over ZENworks like QuickTime Player, Adobe
Acrobat Elements,... I have created for all this tools MSI installations
with transform files (mst). They are all working fine with no errors.

When I create a package with ZENworks by using the MSI files I receive on
the clients an error that they don't have Admin rights. I've activated to
run the setup as "secure user". I have also tested to run the setup in
"Full" mode to see whatís going wrong. Same error.

I have also tried to assign the package to a workstation instead of a user.
Same error.

But when i creat a batch file like "msiexex /i Elements.msi
TRANSFORM=Elements.mst" and i run this batch file over ZENworks, its
working fine.

But why this? I'm not a fan of batch files, so i do like to run them
without the batch.

Any idea?