A customer of mine is still using ZENworks 3.2, and plans to rollout 6.5 in
the next month or so. They've upgraded most of their desktops to Windows
XP, but still have about 50 W95 systems.

1) Will the 6.5 Application Launcher work on their 95 systems until they can
get them upgraded?

2) If not, could we copy their current NAL.EXE elsewhere (so it won't be
overwritten when installing 6.5) and continue to launch this version on only
the 95 systems? (Meaning, will both the old and new NAL engines continue to
work and launch the same applications?)

Just looking to avoid any surprises when 6.5 is installed - they need NAL to
continue to function on their Windows 95 systems until they can get them
replaced. If installing ZEN 6.5 breaks anything, they'd hold off on
upgrading ZEN.