Environment is ZDM 6.5 SP2, Netware 6.5SP4a, Windows XP SP2, Netware client
4.91 SP1, ZFDAgent Client PCs are installed with RIS, with
Zenworks components auto-installing on first boot.

I have an app that is caching when it isn't supposed to. It's a simple
application that copies a directory down to the C: drive and sets some
registry settings.

The file copy is set to Copy Directory, Include Subdirectories, Copy if
Newer. There is one additional file that is set to Copy Always, Distribute
The app is NOT marked disconnectable. The Association is Force Run, App
Launcher, associated to a workstation group. "Force run as user if app is
workstation associated" is on.

The directory is over 300 MB, so it doesn't make any sense to have it
sitting both in NALCACHE and in the target directory. It just results in
twice as much disk space used and a longer installation time.

The really maddening thing about it is that I can't reproduce it on any of
my test machines, but I have seen it happen at several user's desktop.
Since all our PCs, including my test machines, are standard, I start to
wonder if it is something with the user.

Any ideas??? Thanks in advance,