Although we've been using Zen since ZfD 2, we've never seriously looked
at the application deployment stuff - we've only used the policy
mechanisms. With Zen 6.5 we've started to use imaging and application

I've been playing with the application launcher, with view to making it
deploy Office 2003. I have an administrative install location, and an
MST transform file. If I perform a manual installation it all installs

I added an MSI application object, gave it disk space and OS
requirements, and added the transform. I associated this with a
workstation, and set it to force run, and run as user.

Nothing much happened. That is, until I ran the application launcher,
when it suddenly installed, and worked happily.

Having played with the application deployment stuff in Active
Directory, I found that I could associate an application with a PC and
it just found it's way on, using the Windows Installer Service. I was
under the impression, from the Novell Zen 6.5 documentation that the
Application Launcher service would do much the same thing, and I
wouldn't need the Application Launcher window open. I've got nothing
major against the Application Launcher but it ends up putting icons
into the start menu and onto the desktop that I just know will probably
flummox some of our users, so I'd prefer it to just install
applications with their default icons and be done.

So, ultimately the question is, does the Application Launcher/Explorer
have to be open for applications to deploy to a workstation? If not,
are there requirements to make applications deploy in as passive a way
as possible?

David Rickard