last week we updated our server from ZfD6.5 SP1 to SP2.
(Netware on the server: 6.5 SP4).
Our clients have installed: NCL 4.91 SP1 and Zfdagent6.5 SP2.

After the update on the server with SP2, the deinstallation
of applications failed.

We use only workstation associated applications.

The installation of the software is ok. I installed
a pc without software (only with 4.91 SP1 and Zfdagent 6.5 - SP2)
and with the help of "workstation import", the pc object
was correctly imported into the OU. In this OU, there
were defined some applications and the installation of
this software was ok. Also the report under zenworks
inventory was ok.
I think, the nalcache is also ok.

But when i delete the software in the OU again,
and then reboot the pc nothing happens after the login.
The software remains on the pc.

Any ideas?

Thanks and best regards,