i try to install Office 2003 Step by Step (meaning first Install Powerpoint
and in a second Stage install Word and Excel).

So i make a Transform File and a CMW File for Installation with the Office
2003 Administration Kit.

Everthing run fine when i install the whole thing as Administrator.
But when i do this with a User of the "Power User" Group the Installation
didn't work.

I create a Applikation Objekt that should run this Command:

\\Cluster01_zen_server\ZEN\INSTALL\microsoft\Offic e2003\tools\maintenance

/c \\Cluster01_zen_server\ZEN\INSTALL\microsoft\Offic e2003\powerpoint.cmw /qb-

This shold run with "Unsecure System User" Right's (i hope this would be
rigth ranslated from German Language).

The Filesystemrights on this Directory are Full vor the User and the
Workstation Object's.

Have anybody a Hint for me?