I have a split secured MS Access database being used on about 12 machines.
Management wants it on all (about 100) machines. Until now, I've just set up
shortcuts on users' desktops (which contain a path to the app., the DB file
and a workgroup file), but now our Novell admin wants to put it in the NAL.
I am unfamiliar with any 'schema' besides the one I've been using. How would
this work?

My DB consists of a 'back end' (tables) on one of the servers, and a 'front
end' (forms, report, queries etc.), a copy of which resides on each machine
(C:\MyFolder\MyDB), and is 'linked' (an Access feature) to the back end. Is
it possible or (egad) easy to set this up in the NAL? Any enlightenment
anyone can provide is very appreciated.

Many thanx,