ZEN6.5.0.4 running on NW6.5sp3

I want to push out a simple (or any!) application to a group of
workstations regardless of who logs into them.

If I associate an app to a workstation, and I log in (full admin rights
on desktop as well as network), I receive the following error:

Could not configure workstation for application [appname] (id=3).
Problem: Unable to copy file [S:\filename]. (D018)

I have used UNC within the app but it still reverts back to the drive
mapping. I have granted the workstation rights to the folder
containing the app files.

If, however, I associate the app with my login the application runs on
the workstation as well as any other workstation I log into.

How do I get the app to ONLY install on the workstations I want it to
install on regardless of who logs in?