Zen 652
eDir 8735

I want to reboot everyone's PC between 22:00 and 23:00 since:
1. Most users don't log out at the end of the day
2.W/S's haven't registered yet
3. A login will run a ZEN controlled update
4. A **** good idea!

It seems like the "Pre-Install" distribution option might do it running c:\windows\system32\shutdown.exe -r

I've setup a ZEN app using the shutdown.exe and scheduled it for the time slot. It is Force Run and associated with the User - not all W/S's are imported yet. I've also set its availability to the same time slot since it is Force Run otherwise if a user rebooted during the day, it would go into a boot loop. It is also set to run as a "Secure System User" since the users are Power Users.

A three year old TID #10052053 (ZEN 3) says you need to associate "pre-install" apps with the W/S object and that it can't run executables. However, I can manually run the app and it otherwise works as designed. Is this still the case or has ZEN 6.5 "fixed" this shortcoming?

If this won't work in any form, is there another way to do this?