I am implementing a refresh frequency in our environment and need exact
clarification of how the frequency will work before possibly causing
unnecessary network traffic. I have the following questions.

1 - After enabling timed refresh (user), I am setting the refresh
frequency (user) to 43000. When does this setting kick in - is it the
first time the application explorer refreshes and picks up the new

2 - If q1 is yes, then does the Application Explorer refresh exactly 12
hours after it picks up the setting. Ie, if a user application explorer
refreshes at 12.42pm will the next time the application explorer refresh
be 12.42am

3 - Any idea where this information is held and how to clear this if too
many application explorers refresh at a similar time? (caused by users
logging in at 9.30 am and NAL refreshing picking up the new setting)

I will also implement set random refresh spread but need to know the
answers above before deciding how to configure this.

Thanks in advance