I am trying to distribute an application through NAL based on a (default)
registry value. When I try to browse to (default) on the application's
Availability/Distribution Rules screen, it is not available. I can type
default in the value name and then type the desired string value in the
appropriate field. However, the application shows up as available
regardless of wether the actual default registry value matches what I've
typed in here or not.

I found TID 10089394 which describes the same problem and says it has been
fixed in zfd3.2 nwapp32.dll dated 3/1/04 or later, also fixed in zfd4.x
with zenlite.dll dated 12/12/03 or later. Is there a similar fix
available for zfd 6.5?

I have NW6.5 SP3, Zenworks 6.5 SP2, Windows 2000 SP4, NWClient 4.91 SP1
with post sp1 patches, Zenworks desktop management agent version that came
with ZW6.5 SP2.