We have configured an Office 2003 MSI object along with an MST object.
The current machines have Office 2000 Pro (disk1 and disk2). We are
running this object in WORKSTATION SYSTEM SECURITY SPACE for it runs
lights out. We have the object set to cache and run (we want the
partners to be able to reboot on Friday and come in Monday and Office
2003 is installed with Outlook (full install) and ready for action.

In our tests groups (same objects) we have noticed a large amount of
inconsistency. We were running Groupwise so Office 2000 Pro was
installed with everything except Outlook. Now we are running a full
install of Office 2003 with some default settings configured in the
MST. The object pushes when they reboot their machines. There is an
object to unload Groupwise, then it caches Office 2003 and runs it.
When they log in they click on the Outlook icon and it installs a
configured profile.

The issue we are having are about 1/2 the partners machines don't
appear to be installing correctly and others are (again same object,
same office 2000 install). A lot of times everything installs, except
for Outlook. Kind of like it was ready our old Office 2000 MST (which
was NOT delivered with Zen, but utilizing an administrative
installation point on the network and Winbatch). Has anyone else had
any weird stuff like this?

If the workstation never has seen Office 2000, Office 2003 install
perfectly. We are still digging through logs.

My only other option was to try to cache to the workstation, then if
that app object deployed the cache, have another app object that
displayed a shortcut on their desktop. After they log in and see the
icon on their desktop (say for Outlook), it would run the install from
NALCACHE. Is this possible and are we better off?