sorry for crossposting from the nw-client group, but I did not get a
response for a few days.

Last week we deployed SP2 of the Netware Client 4.91 via ZEN 6.5.
Therefore we created an application object and called setupsp.exe in the
pre-installation script. To make it work we tweaked the setupsp.inf and
changed DisplayInstallPrompts = NO and PromptUserOnCompletion = NO. All
seemed to work well as the Novell client shows SP2 at the loginscreen
after the application object has been applied.

As the NWClient stops working after applying two post sp2 fixes further
investigation shows that SP2 was not applied correctly (only the version
info was updated in the registry and NICI + NMAS was updated correctly).
This problem is fully reproducable and happend to any of our clients.

The cause of the problem is that setupsp.exe is using the Windows
setupapi which is not able to apply non digitally signed files in
non-interactive mode (the mode pre- and post-installation scripts are
running) in WinXP (this had worked with Win2k but was changed by MS for
security reasons).

Setupapi.log shows the following error messages:

#E361 An unsigned or incorrectly signed file
"E:\nwsp2\NLS\ENGLISH\..\..\redir\loginw32.exe " will be installed
(Policy=Ignore). Error 1168: Element nicht gefunden.

Novell should note in the readme that setupsp cannot be used to install
SP2 in non-interactive mode or switch to a diffrerent installer (msi /
inno / InstallShield) which can handle this correctly.

Any ideas how to apply SP2 via zen so that all files are beeing applied.