I've got two servers hosting the same app for NAL, servers A and B. I
have what I *think* are identical AOs to match, with appropriate groups.

If I add myself to group A, I get the icon on my desktop only - as
planned. If I add myself to group B instead, I get the icon, and the
installation immediately fires up.

The app is NOT supposed to start up, and Force Run is OFF. The settings
for the assocations are desktop only.

The source files are identical for the AOs used - copy/paste.

I've gone through every screen of both AOs, and they are a match (except
for server names and the GUID parts) via ConsoleOne.

I will happily LDAP export the AO sets to anyone who asks.

What flags/settings within the NAL AO will cause a force run when force
run is OFF?