We originally had Zen version 4 with all service packs and upgraded to
version 6.5 a while ago. One thing we continually see is if we try to
place an availability of a registry entry it always adds a : at the end
of the registry entry; of course this availability never resolves. We
took a look at the TIDs and found one from version 4 of Zen that was
suppose to be resolved.

We went back to our network group and they said we have all the snapins
from Console 1 that are correct, because when they loaded version 6.5,
it asked to automatically update these snap-ins.

We currently have 6.5 SP2 loaded on all servers and clients and are
wondering if anyone else is having these problems or if they can point
us to which snap-in would be the problem.

Any info is appreciated. Thanks.