Our current situation is we have 5 servers in one container and one
workstations container that houses all workstations from all 5 of these

As we are distributing Office 2003 lights out we the one object for
this in the GGG container. We point the install to one of the servers
say \\AAAA\AXV1 using a macro and SOURCE_PATH. We have approximately
500 workstations in the workstations container that will be receiving
this object.

We would like to make sure this object in this container is configured
for fault tolerance, load balancing, etc., so distribution of this
object does not take the server down and we are not quite sure how load
balancing and fault tolerance work in this environment.

So we have server (source_path = \\AAAA\AXV1) and also as a back up
would like to have the following server (\\BBBB\BXV1). How do we
accomplish this with the current object as well as load balancing.