Ever since we upgraded our Zen Server to 6.5 SP2, we have encoutnered
problems whereby sporadic users will have all of their applications
uninstall. All Desktops are running the Management Agent 6.5 SP2 as

It appears that what happens is when the Zen management agent refreshes
(set to every 2 hours) it goes out to read what applicaitons the user has
authority to. That check returns a status of NO APPLICATIONS authorized
and results in the Zen Management Agent to say, OK, allow me to uninstall
all applications. The user then reboots and logs back in and of course
all applications now reinstall for the user.

Unassociate Days to Uninstall = 0

We need this set to Zero so that when we remove applicaitons from a user
the applications do in fact uninstall at next refresh of 2 hours or their
next login.

It is unacceptable to assume that we need to remove this setting from all
users to lock their applications on the desktop until we do perform an
upgrade. We are a company of 700 employees with many many OU's. It's a
maintenance nightmare tryin to deploy new applications and takes way to
long for the employees on vacation to return before we can continue
deploying new applications.

So the question is, someone else out there has got to be running into
this situation. This can't be just us. HOW DO YOU HANDLE THIS ISSUE?