I am trying to get a better understanding of what run once and force run mean.

Lets say I have a zenapp, called #1, that is set to force run, and is NOT
set to run once. If I push that out to all my machines, it will run one
time per each version stamp. If I increase the version, then it will run
again. If it is also in app explorer, this give the user the ability to
manually run it. But it will only run one time ever if I make no changes
to it and the user doesn't manually run it.

If I make a copy of #1 to be RUN ONCE, then this copy (#2) will again only
run once. And it will also not allow the user to manually run the app.
Again, if I increase the distro number, it will re-run.

If I make a copy of #1 and set the entire zenapp to DISTRIBUTE ALWAYS, call
it #3, and have my Zen refresh set to 60 minutes, then the zen app will run
once an hour. If I set just portions of the zen app to distribute always,
then only those portions will distribute once per hour. However if I
change #3 so that it is RUN ONCE then the zen app will run once and never
again, making the Distribute Always meaningless in this case.

Do I understand correctly? If not, what do I have wrong?