I'm having troubles with one particular application which I have snapshot.
When I try to install the application from the NAL I get the error:

Failed to cache application. Error Code was D08B

About 20 seconds or so after this error occurs, the application begins to
deploy, however it only deploys the registry settings and not the
application files.

The application that I am trying to deploy is really large 52179.fil files
are included in the snapshot.

I have recently migrated from Zen 4.01 and this application deployed fine,
this problem has only come about since moving to Zen DM 6.5. (I have even
resnaphsot the app - which didn't help)

I found a TID which mentioned that this is a problem in ZenDM 7 and that it
has been reported to Engineering, though it doesn't mention 6.5

Any ideas on how I might fix this problem? I really don't want to install
this software by hand