I have been looking at the documentation and it says about setting the
NAL window to startup at system startup and that you can do a setting
in launcher configuration to put the NAL in the windows startup folder

but after reading a reply to another question from Craig

I would set the setting to "Off" and either launch NAL via the login
script or push a REG key into the HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Run
key to start it.

this is what I want to do

The problem is I have looked in my registry and cannot see a setting
that will start the Nalwin32.exe, this IS in msconfig though......????
and I know that when I installed the zfd client on my machine I DID set
to automatically run the application window.

The problem is some machines have been done but the application window
has NOT been set to start

So anyway after all my rambling .........

What is the key I need to push out to all workstations??

Thanks in advance

PS may be back later to ask how to push the key to all workstations ;-)