I have an application (Contactwise 7.2), that I use an MSI application to
distribute. The distribution seems to work properly, however I am getting a
problem. Whenever I use the ZEN app to run the exe, it comes up with an
error and says it needs to close. If I run the exe by navigating to it's
installation folder and double clicking on it, I get no problems, it runs as
it is supposed to.

I did have to modify the security settings for their lic. file, it is in the
Windows/System32 folder. I gave rights to read and modify to all users for
this file and it works properly. Without this, it doesn't run correctly.
But, even with the lic. file given security, whenever attempt to run the
program using a Zen App, it gives me an error and closes.

We are using Windows XP SP2, and Zenworks 6.5 sp2

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Brian W.