While I wish I could just click LOG TO EVENT LOG in ZfDS, I think this is
pretty cool workaround;

Step #1) Create an event handler for the new event log entrys you will be
creating. In XP this is simple. Create a Zen apps that runs as a secure
system user. In the distribution script run this;

EventCreate /l application /so Zenworks /t information /id 1 /d "ZfDS"

And then copy to the workstation from the resource kit logevent.exe.

EventCreate will *fail* on W2k, but this is just for looks and is not a
requirement for step #2.

Step #2) In your zenapps that are running with secure system user or
unsecure system user simply add a distribution script before distribution;

logevent -s I -r "Zenworks" -e 1 "Install of BF2 1.3.0 has began"

then in the run after distribution script;

logevent -s I -r "Zenworks" -e 1 "Install of BF2 1.3.0 has completed"

Now your application event logs will record when your Zenapps begin and

This may not be usefull for everyone, but for those of us with tools that
run against the event logs it can be helpfull. Note that logevent can
record events in remote event logs. So if your security was setup for it,
you could record these events in your Zen Windows server event logs for