My database client needs its path in the PATH variable. I don't want to
use the ZENworks environment variable settings (with its restricted
scope), because even applications (like MS Word) that are not started
via ZENworks (e.g. double click on a doc file) need this PATH variable

Therefore I looked for a way to modify the user's PATH variable
persistently in the system. I found this Visual Basic script

and modified it to accept the path as a command line argument. I tested
it manually from the command line and it works fine so far. The name is

The problem is now, that it is not executed at all, when I start it as a
post-distribution script in ZENworks. I inserted cmd.exe /c as the
command line interpreter and filled in the following script:

echo "1" >> c:\script.log
AddToPATH.vbs c:\Programme\Quadbase\bin
echo "2" >> c:\script.log

Both echo commands have been executed, but the PATH variable has not
been modified. I also added a few lines into the VB script to write a
line to a log file. If I test it manually from the command line it works
fine, but from ZENworks the log file is not created at all.

Is it not possible to call Visual Basic scripts from the post install
script? What can I do then, to set the PATH variable?

Thanks a lot for your help.