Every time I distribute zenapps to my ~500 PC's we have about 1% fail on
these apps.

One of the causes is that the user reboots while zen in distributing the
files. There may be 60MB to distribute over shared 128k lines. So the
user may reboot in the middle of hidden application distribution.

The problem is that the file that is currently being downloaded is only
partially downloaded, and Zen doesn't replace it on the next try. It copys
the rest of the files - but not that one. This causes the installer to fail.

I could configure it to "distribute always" but we have 128k lines to these
remote places. Some of them would be re-downloading the same files over
and over.

Is there a work around for this? Most file transfer utilitys I use either
put something like .part at the end of the file being transfered, or
temporarily make the file date & time in 1980 so that they can recover from
this issue.