Hi Shaund & Marcus ! :)
Long time no see.. :)

Question: I'm doing a proof of concept for a customer, with a
combinaison of secure workstation, nmas, etc.
I've autoadmin'login into windows, with a dummy user, showing the novell
login to the user (loginw32.exe)
nalwin starts from the startup.
when the users logins, nal refresh and shows icons corresponding to the
user. If I logout of Novell only (not windows), and relogin, nal takes
between 5 to 30 seconds to realise that the Novell login has changed,
and to refresh.
in the mean time, the new user can click on the icons, that were
assigned to the old user, and lauch them... yourk
this is for a clinical workstation, so login time is an issue.
is there a way to tell zen to refresh ?
I've tried in the novell client the parameters Advanced Login->
Workstation Manager Login Events =on, without success