I have 2 users who had an associated application uninstall itself. It
appears that the application object was deleted, the users were removed
and hence unassociated. Another application object was created and users
assigned to that object. Apps were created with 1.3.4d consoleone, w/s
zfd agents 4 release 1.7 mixed with 6.5.2

I've noticed the launcher configuration has not been configured and it
set to ** Unset ** - default therefore is 0.

1) To be sure that the application does not uninstall itself would it be
an idea to make sure the application object uninstall feature has not
been set?

2) Setting the launcher configuration to -1 at the correct relevant
container level would not allow applications to uninstall?

3) Any reason why the application would have uninstalled itself in the
first place to just 2 users when possibly it was associated to 20 people?

4) Any considerations when making a change to 1 particular OU which
houses 20 child OU's?

We've had a problem and hopefully some good advice will stop any future
issues arising.

Many Thanks