Your help and ideas are needed - THANKS!

At one PC, all of a sudden beginning today (Monday), the Application
Launcher will not load. No error, no message at all. It's in the
Startup folder, but manually launching does not help. User has not
installed or uninstalled software since it last worked. We've
uninstalled the ZENworks desktop agent, erased the c:\program
files\novell\zenworks folder, reinstalled, but no change. The Remote
Mgr works. Nothing in the event log. This is Windows XP sp2, the
Netware client is 4.91 sp2. Application Explorer will load, at least
come up and show its window. Cannot find anything useful on the
internet referencing this symptom.

Where to look?

This is a standard configuration at our site, 1500+ PCs working without
this problem for a long time.


Kent at BART