Netware 6.5 (do not know what SP level), ZENworks 6.5 (MyApps.hrtml loads ActiveX control).

I have seen the following problem on multiple computers. I believe one
thing common to all of these computers is that they have neither Client32
nor the fullblown ZEN agent installed.

When the user vists MyApps.html, they have to go through the normal plug-in
installation process. However, when they get to the
install, it APPEARS to install OK, but then the web page text changes to
the following:

"An installation error has prevented you from obtaining the ZENworks
Desktops Management plugin.
Please contact your system administrator for help.
Cause: Access is denied."

If I look in Add/Remove plug-ins, NetIdentity 1.2.3 is listed. It appears
that I can uninstall it, but if I go back to MyApps.html the problems repeats.

From what I can tell, the error message "Access is denied" is not actually
embedded in the HTML code for MyApps.hrtml; it is what is stored in
strError variable, which I assume it being returned by one of the ActiveX

The users have Administrator access to their machine. We have copied the
IE security settings from working machines to the broken machines, but
nothing changes.

Any ideas???