I'm trying to install the Blackberry Desktop Manager 4.0 Sp1 software
onto a few PC's.

Once I've customised the setup.ini file and run "setup.exe /s" from the
local drive (or network drive), the program setup installs the software

However, when creating a Zen App object and inserting the following in
the "Run Options" tab, all I get is the MSIEXEC options screen (same as
running msiexec.exe /?)

Path to File:
C:\Setup\Blackberry_Desktop_4-0_Sp1\Blackberry_DM_4.0Sp1.exe /s

Working Directory: C:\Setup\Blackberry_Desktop_4-0_Sp1\

Any idea why the setup works when executing from Windows Explorer, but
fails when executing from Zen App objects?

Thanks for the input...