Ok, here is a stumper that I wish to put out there for the collective
minds to have a gander at.

I've got a service request into Novell thats been there for a loooong
time now, at least 3 months, and I've been playing tennis with the Novell
Engineering group, ie files back and forth, diagnostic logs back and forth

Whats going on is this.

When there is a local install of the Cerner applications installed on a
workstation, NAL will intermittantly lock up and will not launch icons.
The users are forced to reboot in order for NAL to work again. We also
wrote a utility to shut down NAL and restart it so they wouldn't have to
reboot all the time. The issue is ONLY on those systems that have CERNER
installed locally. If a user runs Cerner via thin client mode, there
isn't an issue.

Now for those who haven't heard of Cerner, its a very large suite of
applications that pertain to the Medical field. The main app is
Powerchart Office.

This has been verified that its a Cerner/NAL incompatibility here. With
over 5k workstations in play, the only ones that get the NAL lockup are
those with Cerner. That's about 2k worth of workstations. The others do
not use Cerner, so thus, they don't lockup.

Anyone out there use CERNER and ZFD 6.5 SP2 and have similiar issues?

thanks in advance for replying.

Chuck Frady
Network Engineer
Virginia Mason Medical Center
Seattle, WA 98101